Our Writers

Thank you so much to our team of dedicated volunteer writers who work behind the scenes to keep Spoonie Stuff going!

Ailie Bradley

Ailie is a chronic illness warrior using her experiences to help others live their best lives through mentoring and life coaching. She is an international adoptee from China and is passionate about representation and inclusive diversity. She has a community called Invisibility Uncovered where she helps people feel seen, represented and genuinely celebrate difference.

Ailie is also a foodie, a traveller, an avid reader and believes that dancing with life makes everything sweeter.

Caitlyn Fulton

Caitlyn is 19 years old and has Cerebral Palsy but she doesn’t let her disability define her. She is a singer in her final year at college studying Music passionate about rights for disabled people and inclusion for everyone and hopes her writing will inspire others who have the same condition to prove to them that anything is possible.

Caitlyn also play for a professional Boccia team in Glasgow, models for Zebedee Management – an inclusive agency for people with disabilities and is an ambassador for the UK children’s charity ‘Whizzkidz’.