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From Harrods to the Chronic Pain Community: How YuYu Hot Water Bottles are Helping Thousands of Spoonies

A hot water bottle can be every spoonie’s saviour but have you tried the world’s first long hot water bottle? Providing between 2-6 hours of heat relief, our YuYu is most definitely our new best friend!. Whether it’s tied around the tummy, draped over knees or just to cosy up to on the sofa, we think everyone needs a YuYu Body Bottle which have been specifically designed for spoonies!

Tell us about YuYu long hot water bottles. What’s the story behind the brand?

The light bulb moment came about in 2010. YuYu founder and CEO, Richard Yu was sitting in his cold London flat one January evening. Using a conventional hot water bottle, he found he was constantly moving the bottle around his body, almost as if he was conducting some kind of hot water bottle workout. The longer shaped design seemed like an obvious improvement. So Richard got to work to design the world’s first long hot water bottle.

Fast forward 3 years and Richard introduced the finished product to Harrods, who became YuYu’s first stockist. The hot water bottle was dressed in beautiful Inner Mongolian cashmere and mother of pearl buttons. It was an immediate hit and the YuYu became a top 20 bestseller in just 14 weeks of launch!

YuYu as a brand, understands the need and importance of “me time” (or as we like to call it “Yu time”.) The YuYu Bottle offers a way to find a calmness at the end of a busy day. It’s a warm hug that is always by your side.

A YuYu Bottle can stay warm for up to 6 hours! How does this work?

The bottle only requires the same amount of hot water as a conventional one. But with its cleverly designed bubbles on the it can stay warm for up to 6 hours. The bubbles act as an insulator of warmth, trapping air beneath the surface of the cover, helping it stay warmer for longer.

YUYU Bottle: Welcome to the World’s First Long Hot Water Bottle

YuYu appeared on Lorraine – what was the response like?

We had no idea what the impact of YuYu Bottle appearing on the Lorraine Kelly show would be. It all started with a phone call from their researcher requesting we send Lorraine a sample. Within 24 hours of airing on her show our website was inundated. Our phone lines were overflowing and our stock for the entire season had sold out!

Richard and his staff stayed up until the early hours of the morning, all the way until Christmas Eve to ensure that all customers were personally called to know they would get their orders in time for Christmas.

When did you realise that YuYu Bottles were being used by the spoonie community?

When we initially launched our products in Harrods, the products did not have wearable straps. We were at a trade show when we were approached by a lady with Endometriosis. She suggested adding a wearable strap feature to enable her to tie the bottle around her waist. So in fact, it was chronic pain community that actually helped build our brand.

The personal emails we receive every day, often from the chronic pain community, are genuinely heartfelt. To hear that our YuYu Bottle is “changing my life” or “helping me to manage my daily pain better”, gives us a sense of utter responsibility to our customers, inspiring everyone behind the YuYu team on a daily basis, if only to know that the product we work for is truly making a difference to people’s lives.

“YuYu is an innovative, highly adaptable and beneficial device for people with chronic pain. Rather than targeting a painful ‘spot’ (as do traditional hot water bottles), the YuYu can provide heat along its length and used along entire muscles.”

Gavin Fane, Senior Podiatrist – Leigham Practice

What was the aim behind the new Body Bottle collection?

YuYu’s new and aptly named ‘Body Bottle’ has been created specifically to be every spoonie’s must-have hottie!

Acknowledging our existing relationship with those who use heat to ease pain, the BB has slightly different dimensions. It is 3 cm wider covering extra surface area across the stomach or the back, perfect for pain sufferers.

The Body Bottle collection is available to buy from the shop on our website or from Argos and some select Sainsbury stores. It is slightly cheaper than the original fleece covered YuYu Bottle, making it more affordable for everyone.

yuyu long hot water bottle

The #YuYuPainWarriors blog series is a great way to share people’s chronic illness stories. Is it important to the brand that YuYu is helping raise awareness of different conditions?

It is humbling to receive pictures and stories from people with chronic pain from around the world, telling us why they love their YuYu Bottle.

Our simple invention has given us the chance to get to know hundreds of people with chronic pain. We feel that it is our duty to raise awareness and do our part as best as we can. Sharing stories and highlighting tips and suggestions from our ‘pain warriors’ regarding various chronic illnesses is a great way to educate others.

How did you decide on the leopard print and polka dot prints for the Body Bottles? Will there be more cover designs coming soon?

We wanted to introduce fun alternatives to our plain designs. Having used prints like these in the past we are aware of their popularity. We have got some plans for some new designs such as a Zebra print and more, so keep a look out for our launch, hopefully in the Autumn.

There’s still time to enter our competition to win one of 3 YuYu Body Bottles!

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