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The Spoonie Quick Cook Guide

Some nights making dinner is the last thing you feel like doing. When you’re not in the mood for a takeaway and fancy a good home-cooked meal, our 5 top tips to quick and easy cooking will come in handy.
5 simple tips to make cooking easier for spoonies

1. Frozen chopped veg is a spoonie must have

Our first spoonie cooking tip has to be using chopped veg! If you’re feeling tired or have any pain or stiffness in your wrists, chopping vegetables can be a mammoth task. But luckily there is an abundance of frozen chopped veg available at the supermarkets.

There’s so much more than just peas and green beans. You’ll find diced onions, mixed peppers, sliced mushrooms and even edamame beans in the freezer aisle! Keep stocked up and save yourself valuable time. Plus when veggies are frozen straight after being harvested, they maintain their high level of nutrients.

2. Dried herbs and spices add flavour in seconds

Do you love garlic as much as we do? Other than having the smell on your hands for hours after peeling a garlic clove, the whole chopping or crushing process can be long and laborious. So don’t go without, just use garlic powder instead! For just 49p for a jar in Aldi, you can add flavour in an instant and it’s mess free.

Herbs like parsley, basil and rosemary are great to experiment with in your cooking and they last a lot longer than the fresh leaves.

easy spoonie cooking with dried herbs

3. Spoonie cooking tip no.3 – Choose cartons over tins where possible

If you don’t have an electric tin opener, opening your baked beans can be easier said than done. Ring pulls are a great option but they don’t seem to be on that many items!

Look out for cartons, so you can easily tear or cut them open. Sainsbury’s sell chopped tomatoes, green lentils and kidney beans in cartons as well as cans.

Tubs and pots are another useful go to. Heinz Beanz Snap Pots and quick and simple and John West’s new Infusions range comes in a handy container with a lid.

4. Who says you have to stand up whilst you cook?

Working as a chef consists of long hours on your feet. But when you’re at home and you’re finding it difficult to stand over the hob, why not pull up a pew. Borrow a bar stool from the kitchen and make stirring simple.

You can get kitchen mobility aids like perching stools if you need some more support from the chair. The height is adjustable and so you can make it smaller and store under the kitchen table when not in use.

5. Batch cooking is a great idea if you’ve got some spare time

A useful spoonie cooking tip is to keep a few meals ready to go in the freezer. When you need a cooking-free day, you can just defrost and eat. Recipes like spaghetti bolognese, chilli and curry are perfect to make in big batches. Either make double when you’re cooking so you’ve got leftovers, or spend an afternoon doing some meal prep.

You’ll need a stack of containers and of course a rainbow coloured flat lay shot is always an Insta winner.

batch cooking ideas for quick spoonie meals
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