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Does Drinking Water Really Help Ease Chronic Pain?

We all know we should drink 2 litres of water every day in order to maintain the balance of body fluids. But are there any benefits of drinking water for chronic pain? We take a look at the latest water fads and claims to see if they are helpful or just hype.

Drinking water to ease joint pain

Our joints are made up of cartilage and synovial fluid is there to lubricate the cartilage and help reduce friction. Staying hydrated helps stimulate the production of synovial fluid. This encourages new cells in the cartilage tissue to grow, so drinking water for chronic pain relief.

If you have arthritis, joint pain usually happens when the cartilage has been weakened or damaged. Increasing your intake of water will help maintain your levels of synovial fluid, to protect the joints from more wear and tear.

But what about other chronic illnesses, when there is no inflammation in the body? When you have chronic pain due to disorders like Fibromyalgia and EDS, when there is no visible damage to the joints, the benefits of drinking water are unclear.

Whilst it is always good to keep hydrated for other reasons, such as maintaining body temperature and aiding digestion, it might not help with joint pain.

water helps ease arthritic joint pain

The importance of a balanced pH

The pH of tap water will be somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5. Water on the lower side will have more acid in it, making it softer. Water with a higher pH number will be more alkaline and harder.

CORE water boasts the perfect pH.

Your body is always trying to achieve its natural balance, which happens to be right in the middle of the pH scale at 7.4. Being too alkaline or too acidic can be harmful to your body, so keeping a natural balance is important.

It has been said to hydrate the most with the less volume, so you can get all the benefits, without having to drink loads.

What is the alkaline water trend all about?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop recently partnered with alkaline water brand, Flow. Some studies have suggested that drinking water with a higher pH and so more alkaline, it can neutralise acid in your bloodstream.

Flow spring water is it a naturally alkaline pH of 8.1 and claims to keep your acid levels balanced.

So there are a variety of different pH bottled water brands all claiming to do different things.

But until there is more evidence, a good glass of tap water is always refreshing!

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